When picking a tree, remember these tips

Picking the Right Tree

Select a tree that is at least one foot shorter than the height of the ceiling in the room where you are going to display the tree.

Check the freshness of the tree by running your fingers over the branch along the needles.  Make sure the needles on the tree you select are pliable and adhere to the branches.  They should bend, but not break or fall off.

Shake or bounce the tree on its stump to see if the needles are firmly attached.  While you can expect some loss of brown needles, there should not be excessive loss.  Some loss is normal over the lifetime of the tree.

Avoid trees that look wilted.

Make sure the trunk of the tree is straight.  The stump should extend six to eight inches below the longest branches to allow placement in the tree stand.

Always check for insects and dead needles inside the tree crown.  If insects are found spray the tree with an indoor-outdoor insecticide that is safe for children and pets before bringing indoors.