Spring Lawn Care
Tips for a healthy, green lawn from
Best Feeds Garden Centers

At Best Feeds Garden Centers, lawn care is one of our specialties and we have many products to help.   Spring Lawn Care begins by answering some basic questions around when to begin and what steps should be taken.

Grass Seed for Spring Planting

Spring is a great time to reseed or overseed the lawn! It is important to get bare patches reseeded quickly to prevent weeds from filling in all of the bare spots. If your grass is looking a bit thin, overseed the whole lawn. Be sure that the newly planted grass is raked into loosened soil which will ensure the best germination. 

Be sure to visit one of our locations for the best advice on Spring Lawn Care and the best grass seed suited for your location.

How Much to Water in the Spring

Water - Only water your lawn if it needs to be watered. There is usually enough rainfall in April to take care of irrigation for you. But if not, the rule of thumb is to apply one inch of water per week. For the best spring lawn care, water deeply for about 30 minutes in each area, but no more than two to three times a week. Watering deeply and less frequently will encourage strong healthy roots.

When to Fertilize in the Spring

After months of dormancy, your lawn is ready to be fed in the spring. Make sure to use the correct fertilizer- if you are reseeding your lawn use a new seeding fertilizer which is high in phosphorus. Try Green-Up lawn food when over seeding and Green-up for Seeding and Sodding for new lawns.

Best Feeds Garden Centers carry Jonathan Green  quality lawn care products. Jonathan Green has specialized in lawn care products since 1881. This brand has been trusted by growers and home owners to produce lush, green, disease free lawns. For more Spring Lawn Care information follow the link to Garden Center/Lawn Care   

Frequently Asked Questions

Are lawn care fertilizers safe of kids and pets?

Organics are safe immediately after application and traditional fertilizers are generally safe after 48 hours. Always check label directions for specific products and applications. 

What are the steps in a four step program?

Early Spring - crabgrass preventer
Late Spring - Fertilizer
Summer - adjust pH
Fall - Feed your soil

Is Lawn Care safe for the environment? 

Lawns benefit the environment.  Lawns produce oxygen, trap dust, absorb pollutants like carbon dioxide, control soil erosion and proper lawn care reduces water usage.   

How are organic lawn care programs different?

True organic programs take time and moisture to break down and work effectively. Synthetic applications are absorbed quickly by lawns and can work in a matter of days.  As long as applied properly, both ae safe for the environment and treat grass the same.