Ask The Experts...

Whooley Adalgid on hemlocks ?

Treat with Bonide Annual Tree & Shrub systemic.

Bag Worms on Evergreens?

Spray with Systemic BT BEORE you see bag worm tents.

Too much of a wet area for your plant?

If an area is wet, find plants that are water-loving.  Select the right plant for the right place.

What type of plant guarantee do you offer?

100% with original receipt 0 to 6 months for date of purchase.  50% 7 to 12 months for purchase.  Don't pull plants and assume they are dead.

When to buy and plant trees in Pittsburgh ?

Spring and Fall when all danger of frost is past.

What plants are deer proof?

No plants are deer proof, only deer resistant.  And when hungry enough deer will eat anything!