Dianthus is one of the first flowering perennials of Spring. Make plants healthier is spring fertilizer.

When to prune shrubs, What vegetables to plant in the Spring, Seed Starting Vegetables and Soil Preparation in Pittsburgh. 

Best Feeds Garden Centers
Spring Gardening Check List

Spring is here and it's time to start gardening.  Best Feeds Garden Centers has some tips to help you make your garden successful.  Our knowledgeable staff is here to serve the novice through the master gardener. 

1. When to prune and trim -
Early spring is the best time to prune trees, shrubs and perennial flowers because it helps stimulate new growth.  If the plant is spring flowering wait until after the bloom time.  Remove dead or damaged branches.
2. Start vegetable and annual flower seeds indoors.  Check seed packets as some seeds can be planted directly into the ground.  Seeds should be started 4-6 six weeks before planting time.  Try using peat pots which can be planted directly into the soil.
3. Cool season vegetables can be planted now.  Lettuce, spinach, peas and carrots grow best in cool weather.
4. Get soil ready for planting - Remove any dead weeds or plants from last season.  Add organic matter if necessary.
5. Apply mulch - Mulch helps retain moisture, regulate soil temperature and hold down weeds.