Best Feeds Private Stock Wild Bird Feed

BEST FEEDS PRIVATE STOCK BIRD FOOD  Specially developed by our experienced staff, this is our best selling wild bird food. The formula attracts a wide variety of birds and contains sunflower oil, peanut pieces, stripe sunflower, safflower, canary seed, white millet and pumpkin seed.
Best Feeds Garden Centers are fully stocked with all your birding accessories. We carry a full line of wild bird seed to attract many types of birds with species specific feeds. Bird baths and electric heating elements are also in stock to keep the water flowing in the winter months. 

The Basics of Bird Feeding

Bird feeding is a year round hobby, it's easy and inexpensive. And bird watching can be enjoyed by both young and old. 

The type of bird feeder you select will depend on where you want to bird watch and the type of seed for the birds you want to attract. 
Hanging feeders are good for small birds.  Feeders should be located away from strong wind and from predators such as hawks and cats.
Grouping together different types of feeders and seed will bring an exciting variety of birds to your back yard.  Be sure to keep them clean to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.  

Natural Food Sources

Nature provides wild birds with a variety of food sources.  If you want to attract birds year round consider planting trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals that will provide food throughout the year.  
Birds love berries like those found on crabapples, hollies, hawthorns and viburnums.  

Perennials like Black eyed Susan, cone flowers and golden rod have seed heads that provide food after flowering - So don't dead-head these flowers.  The same is true of annuals such as sunflowers and marigolds.   

Don't forget to provide water for drinking and bathing.  Keep bird baths clean and filled with clean fresh water.  In the winter consider using a bird bath heater to keep water from freezing.